VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium Light Dimmable Full Spectrum for Coral Reef Grow Fish Tank

Product Features

  • Timer 165W LED Aquarium Light was designed and made by VIPARSPECTRA which you can't beat the price and quality combo!
  • It has a built in timer which allows you to program a separate intensity for either channel, as well as a separate on and off time for each channel.
  • The light is full spectrum with our proprietary layout, which is contributed by thousands of ReefCentral members, has had years of success.
  • This fixture is suitable for all photosynthetic corals. Be sure to acclimate your tank or new corals to the new light by slowing increasing its exposure/intensity to the light.
  • The adjustable hanging kits is made up of a unique lock assembly for secure mounting of the unit, makes sure the unit is properly positioned over your aquarium.
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Product Description

Welcome to the next generation of VIPARSPECTRA Timer 165W LED Aquarium Light, which is the latest addition to our line up also you can’t beat the price and quality combo! It has a simple, built in timer and a remote, with full spectrum layout and an upgraded hanging.

Timer 165W Specifications:
– Dimension: 16×8.5×2.4 inches
– Weight: 6.8 lbs
– One light is ideal for 24x24x24″ tank
– Max Coverage at 8″ Height: 30×24″
– Core Coverage at 8″ Height: 24×24″
– LED Quantity: 55pcs 3W LEDs
– Channel one: Violet/Indigo(420nm), Royal Blue(450nm), Blue(470nm)
– Channel two: Green(520nm), Red(660nm), Neutral White(6500K), Cool White(12000K)
– Actual Power Consumption: 110W Max
– LED Brand: Bridgelux/Epiled
– Lifespan: 100,000 hours
– Secondary LED Focusing Lens 90°
– Cooling system: quiet fans and heat sink
– Input Voltage: AC100-240V
– Frequency: 50-60Hz

– Built-in-Digital-Timer System to control two channels separately
– Remote control available
– Only one power code
– Full Spectrum that mimic natural light to help corals/fish achieve the best balance
– 90 degree lens thereby to penetrate the depth of water
– Easy Adjustable Hanging Kit

Package includes:
·1 x Timer 165W
·1 x Wireless Remote
·1 x User Manual
·2 x Hanging Kits
·1 x 6ft Power Cord(US Standard 110V grounded 3 prong plug)

Attention please:
– Apex does not currently support this product.
– Can not program sunrise, sunset and moonlight.
– Can not be daisy chained.
– Does not have a shimmering/ storm effects mode setting.
– One operation can not setup two lights. You would have to setup each unit separately.
– 3 years US local warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

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