VEVOR Screw Feeder Machine M1.0 to M5.0 Screw Feeder Supplier 2 Screw/s Automatic Screwdriver Feeder Adjustable

Product Features

  • ➤ The track can adjust freely to suit many kinds of types screws, like M1.0-M5.0 standard screw (1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, 2.0, 2.5, 2.6, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0); Special screw, 1:1 short screw, filling piece screw and so on.
  • ➤ Screw head: Suits each tape of screw(Lmax=20mm); Output speed:1-2 screw/s
  • ➤ Feeding system and drive system are two independent control departments, can set the time delay freely to adjust the feed speed, suit many kinds of works.
  • ➤ The screws movement and roll down inside the bucket, all the screws did not enter the track will be cleared to enter the next circle, screws will not be stuck, the check point will not vibrate.
  • ➤ It is unnecessary to target the screw cap, compared to screw plate, each screw can save 1.4 seconds, productivity increased by 4 times.
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Product Description

Screw Feeder Supplier 1-2 Screw/s M1.0-M5.0 Automatic
Screw presenter is designed for feeding screws during the assembly applications. A high precision, yet inexpensive table top screw-feeder designed to enhance productivity. Instead of an operator picking-up screws for the assembly process, screws are placed into the hopper of screw presenter and dispensed for pick-up by assembly tool. The screw presenter allows trouble-free operation. The screws are snapped up from assembly tools with a magnetized bit. The compact system can fit into any work environment for easy accessibility and is low cost solution compared to highly expensive screw feeding system.

-Applicable screw size: from 1.0mm to 5.0mm
-This type product suitable for screws small than 2.0 MM
-Easy to replace the rail to meet the change of screws
-Brush up and down adjust with screw stem,more easier
-Supplied with a bit guide, with protection and recovery circuit
-Pick-up point with no vibration ensuring the screw pick-up easy and stable
-Can increase productivity significantly
-When non-normal condition occurs, the machine can automatic alarm
-The volume is exquisite, does not occupy the space

1. Adjusts parameter suitable(The methods will be told next)
2. Open the lid,pours into groups the bolt for the material room
3. Turn on the power button,put the electric screw driver head into guide slot,down along the guide slot,pull out the screw bolt go straight

➤ Model:XY-900
➤ Input voltage:15V/2A
➤ Orbit Material: Stainless Steel
➤ Output speed:1-2 screw/s
➤ Screw head: Suits each tape of screw(Lmax=20mm)
➤ Applicable screw size: from 1.0mm to 5.0mm
➤ Automatic stop:after the screw has lined full, the machine will stop automatic.
➤ Product size:70″(L)*50″(W)*60″(H)

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