SunGrow Mineral Rocks – Promote Breeding for Fish : Boost Immunity by Providing Calcium: Absorb Toxic Chemical in Water: For Fish & Other Aquatic Pets

Product Features

  • PROVIDES SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR FISHES TO LIVE, MATE & BREED --- With their textured surfaces, rounded edges and subtle earth tones, SunGrow mineral rocks create the look and feel of fishes' natural habitats, providing a safe and stimulating environment in which to live, mate and breed.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL, ECONOMICAL & PRACTICAL --- Multifunctional, economical and practical, SunGrow mineral rocks nourish, cure, cleanse, furnish and decorate, constituting the best, simplest and most natural way to help aquarium fish thrive. Every pack contains some mineral rocks (0.5 inch on an average) surrounded by mineral powder. One pack is enough for a 14 gallon tank and lasts 3 months. So it's not at all heavy on your pocket.
  • SUPPLIES ESSENTIAL MINERALS & TRACE ELEMENTS --- A critical constituent of the natural habitat and ecosystem of fish so lacking in captivity, these unique 100% natural rocks are packed with over 60 essential minerals and trace elements, promoting livestock's well-being, fertility and longevity.
  • LENDS NATURAL LOOK & FEEL TO AQUARIUM --- These slow-releasing, nutrient-rich rocks are effective for up to six months, delivering fish the minerals and trace elements they need to optimize their digestion and bolster their immune systems.
  • PURIFIES & IMPROVES AQUARIUM WATER --- Thanks to their unique stratification and composition which give them natural filtering abilities through ionic exchange, SunGrow mineral rocks help cleanse aquarium water of harmful bacteria, fungi, parasites and toxins, ensuring fish a healthier aquatic environment. They also benefit aquarium hydrophytes by converting fish waste into mineral-rich manure.
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Product Description

SunGrow multifunctional mineral rocks are a 360-degree all-in-one fish-and-tank solution. With anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties, these gifts of nature deliver an infinite number of benefits.

By supplying fish with the nutrients and trace elements they require in order to thrive, SunGrow’s volcanic-origin bio-available colloidal mineral rocks enhance livestock’s overall coloration and promote healthier skin, scales and skeletal system. In addition to optimizing digestion and absorption, these aquarium essentials strengthen fishes’ immune systems, resulting in greater resistance to disease and parasites, faster healing, and a longer life span. What’s more, they also bring about an increase in growth, fertility, egg production and the survival rate of fry.

Thanks to their layered structure and porous consistency, SunGrow rocks serve as natural ion exchangers for cleansing the water and absorbing toxins, fungi and other harmful water-borne pathogens in their intermediate layers. They are also instrumental in converting fish waste into fertilizer, benefitting fish, aquatic environment and hydrophytes alike. By stabilizing the aquarium water’s acidity, they also help prevent the buildup of harmful algae.

In addition to all their countless other benefits, these rocks add a natural element and appeal to the aquarium, providing fish with stress-reducing recesses in which to retreat, breed and lay their eggs.

Every pack contains some mineral rocks (0.5 inch on an average) surrounded by mineral powder. One pack is enough for a 14 gallon tank and lasts 3 months. So it’s not at all heavy on your pocket. They are small and take very little space. So they are great for your nano tanks too!

Multifunctional, SunGrow mineral rocks nourish, cure and cleanse, constituting the best, simplest and most natural way to care for your livestock. Isn’t it time to take your fish from surviving to thriving?

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