Penn Plax 5-way Divider Isolation Breeding Baby Fish Tank-breeder, Nursery & Display Tank

Product Features

  • Five-Plus Breeder, Nursery, and Display tank is a multi-use tank.
  • The tank can be used as a single live-bearer trap double live-bearer trap, egg layer rod trap, single or double Betta display tank, single or double isolation tank, or a nursery tank
  • 8" long by 3 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" tall
  • House other aquatic pets like shrimps, crabs or Betta.
  • Material:Plastic Color:As the picture shown
New Price: $16.01
Old Price: $16.01
(as of 04/12/2021 03:36 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Specially designed aquarium net breeder safely separates new-born fry from their mother and other fish. Ideal for separating fry & young from the breeding fish.

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