LiquaGen 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis/Deionization (RO/DI) – Aquarium Reef Water Filter System, 50 GPD

Product Features

  • This product is great for aquariums, laboratory testing, and other applications where ultra-pure water is necessary.
  • Pre- Assembled system for easy installation. Guaranteed 0 ppm water. No more running to your local fish store!
  • High Rejection Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Capacity : 50 Gallons Per Day (GPD). Film by GE USA
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty; Lifetime customer support. Designed for city water use, incoming TDS should not exceed 350 TDS.
  • NOTE: Auto shut off valve and check valve will only be included upon customer request (only needed if you plan to connect the system to a storage tank). Designed specially for customers who are buying an RO/DI for the first time. Extremely simply and easy to use!
(as of 04/12/2021 02:32 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Authentic American machine built in California. IMPORTANT OPERATING PARAMETERS: For every gallon used, the system will reject 2-4 gallons of waste water depending on the quality, temperature, and pressure among other factors. This is a standard norm of all reverse osmosis products regardless of the brand or company. This can be reduced by adding a dual membrane, ERP Pump, or booster pump. 2. Min PSI for the system to work is 50 PSI. 3. Do not keep outside in freezing temperature.

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