JJMG Fish Tank Thermometer LCD Digital Aquarium Water Terrarium Temperature New Stick-on Glass Round Thin Monitor Peel and Stick Easy Installation Fahrenheit Only

Product Features

  • MAINTAINS NATURAL TROPICAL HABITAT FOR YOU PET - It Is Important To Make Their Environment Temperature As Close As Possible To Their Natural Habitat. Having A Temperature Is Essential To Ensure The Perfect Temperature For Your Pets.
  • ACCURATELY MONITOR WATER TEMPERATURE IN FAHRENHEIT - Digital Thermometer Clearly Displays In Fahrenheit. Don't Let Your Fish Tank Tell You It's Too Cold or Hot For Them By Getting ill or Risk of Losing Them. It Quickly And Accurately Tells You The Temperature At A Glance Anytime.
  • AQUA TERRARIUM - Suitable For Different Water Types Such As Fresh Water, Tap Water, Salty Water, Marine Water And Monitors The Living Temperature For Reptile Such As Lizard, Turtle, Etc.
  • EASY SET UP - Self-Adhesive Fish Tank Thermometer Can Easily Be Installed By Tearing Down The Film At The Back Then Simply Sticking It To The Outer Glass Aquarium. Designed For Secure Convenient Placement.
  • EASY TO READ - Large LCD Display Big Numbers Showing Aquarium Temperature.
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Product Description

Maintaining a consistent water temperature is especially important with some species. Being able to quickly read your fish tank water temperature is essential to keeping the species healthy. Changes in temperature can greatly stress out the species and seriously harm the immune system. JJMG Fish Tank Thermometer LCD Digital Aquarium Water Terrarium Temperature easily and accurately monitor temperature with this attractive modern look aquarium thermometer. It easily and securely affixes to the side of any aquarium. This thermometer is designed to be mounted outside glass of the aquarium. A unique stylish round design and features a large clear, easy to read LCD display face rendered on to a transparent tinted background. It discreetly blend into your aquascape without covering anything. If necessary, you can also easily change the position of the thermometer depending on where you prefer to keep it. Using the Fahrenheit scale, it will show you the current temperature of the tank. The numbers are clearly displayed so you’ll have a temperature reading within a matter of seconds. Can be bonded onto the aquarium glass from the outside Monitor the temperature levels in your aquarium Extremely accurate temperature reading Battery operated

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