JEMPET Automatic Pet Feeder Cats Dogs, 5 Meal Trays Dry Wet Food, Auto Pet Food Dispenser Programmed Timer Voice Recording Function, 5 x 240ml

Product Features

  • CUSTOMIZABLE FEEDING SCHEDULE: Our pet feeder is very easy to setup and use! As you can see from our pictures there are 5 individual feeding compartments. Each one holds about 240 ml of DRY OR SEMI-WET food, for a total capacity of 1.2L. The tray itself is very easy to remove and clean!
  • FEEDING ON A REGULAR DIET TIME: This feeder helps you customize pet feeding schedule (use military time). You are able to set regular feeding time in advance and the auto feeder will dispense food for your pets on the right time. Multiple meals for multiple days and up to 5 meals per day.
  • TWO OPTIONS FOR POWER SUPPLY: With our product you have two options for power. If you're at home you can plug directly into the wall using the DC 5V/1A cable( that is included ) or if you're on the go you can simply install 4 "C" size batteries (which are NOT included) and our pet feeder can come right along with you! We have also installed a "Low-Battery" warning light that will come on before you run out of power.
  • VOICE MESSAGE CAPABILITY: Our research has shown that if your pet hears the same voice command before each meal, then he or she will begin to associate the two and will know it's time to eat! The 10 second recording also allows your pet to hear your voice when you aren't home, which can provide them some comfort from afar!
  • FLEXIBLE STANDBY MODE: We have installed a feature that will automatically set the feeder to "Standby" if there has been no operation for 25 seconds. This will save your money on your electric bill AND batteries!
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Product Description

Setup Instructions
1. Please connect the DC 5V/1A cable or install 4 “C” batteries and then turn on the power switch, located on the back of the unit.
2. Next you must set the clock time. To do this please hit the setting button until the numbers on the left begin to blink. Use the arrows to adjust the numbers up and down. Do this for the numbers on the right as well.
3. Once you have set the time, you can go through each meal (1, 2, 3 and 4) and you can set the time you would like the food to be delivered.
4. To record a voice message simply hit the activate button next to the battery compartment until the blue LCD illuminates and then hold down the REC/LOBATT button located on the top left corner of the unit (MIC location).

Matters Need Attention
1. When electric cuts off, you need to reset the current time. The feeding schedule still remain due to the memory function.
2. When the blue backlight on LCD display turns off, the machine enters standby mode. Please press the activate button which next to the battery compartment to unlock the screen for setting.
3. For multiple days setting, for example, if you want to feed your pet for one meal per day, you just need to set the current time and the first meal time, then press the setting button for around 3 seconds to save and exit the meal time setting process. In this way, the feeder will feed your pet once per day and last for 5 days. Ditto, the same for 2 or more days settings.
4. When recording voice message, please get close to the MIC hole and speak loudly and keep the surrounding environment quiet.

Size: 12 in×13 in×3 in
Material: ABS
Capacity: 240mL×5 (1.2 L in total)
Battery: 4″C” size batteries (NOT included)
Input power: DC 5V/1A cable (included)

One year warranty from the date of purchase. If defective, please write an email to us.

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