Jansamn Brewing Thermometer Strip, Adhesive Strip Thermometer, Aquarium Thermometer Sticker,Thermometer Sticker Fish Tank/Kombucha,39℉ to 97℉ & 4℃ to 36℃ (4PCS)

Product Features

  • ★ Displays Degree Centigrade Fahrenheit ★ The thermometer strip has a range of 39℉ to 97℉ and 4℃ to 36℃. The large numbers are Fahrenheit and the small numbers are Centigrade
  • ★ Easy To Stick On ★ The Simply pulled the backing off to reveal the adhesive back and applied to the front of your fish tank/aquarium/carboy/jar/fermentation bucket. Great way to keep a quick eye on your fish tank/wine jar/kombucha temp
  • ★ Easy To Read ★ The thermometer strips is a piece of temperature sensitive paper.The colored marking shows the current temperature. If show multi-color,please choose the average value
  • ★ Kindly Tips ★ The best kombucha brew temp is 78℉ to 85℉.Keep your betta's water between 78℉ to 80℉
  • ★ 1 Year Guarantee★ Place your order without any worry.If any issue happens to your bag in the first 12 months, We can replace a new one for you without any fee
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Product Description

Why Need To Monitor Aquarium Temperature ?
★ Most aquatic don’t regulate internal body temperature but rather they rely on their environment
★ Improper temperature can lead to inadequate growth, respiratory or cardiac paralysis, and possibly death of aquatic
★ A sudden decrease in temperature can hurt a pet’s immune system and raise the risk of it getting sick
★ Sudden increases in temperature can lead to a spike in metabolic activity,a shock to respiratory system, and coral bleaching

How To Install This Adhesive Thermometer Strip?
Step 1 Clean dry the outside glass of the aquarium
Step 2 Peel off the plastic backing from the thermometer strip
Step 3 Stick-on the strip against the outer wall of aquarium.Be sure to stick below the water level,the lower the better
Step 4 Look for the strip after 2 to 5 minutes. The colored indicates the exact temperature

4*Aquarium Thermometer Strip

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