H2Pro 30″ Glass Canopy 20 Long/29 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank (29.21 x 11.69 x 0.16in)

Product Features

  • Fits most 20Long/29 gallon Fish tanks (marine land & perfecto). there are different Aquarium manufactures. Please measure your Tank opening to the closest millimeter before purchasing!
  • Dimensions: 29.21 x 11.69 x 0.16in (74.2 x 23.2 x 0.4cm)
  • Features new and improved tempered glass; durable and reduces evaporation
  • Clear Plastic back strip that can be cut to fit your Aquarium
  • Provides the area for your Lighting to sit while allowing simple access to your Aquarium
New Price: $29.59
Old Price: $29.59
(as of 04/12/2021 03:23 UTC - Details)

Product Description

There are different aquarium manufactures. Please measure your tank opening to the closest millimeter before purchasing. The H2Pro Glass canopy is made with high quality tempered Glass. The Glass canopy is very clear and greatly reduces evaporation. It keeps fish from jumping out of your aquarium. Compatible with most fish tanks. Features a new and improved clear vinyl back strip that is wider and can be cut to fit your aquarium. Includes two easy lift handles with double sided tape.

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