Fishbowl Breakers: A Devotional for Living Your God-Given Identity

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    There have probably been more books and information produced about identity than a person can process in a lifetime, many of them excellent and effective. But among all the self–actualization, positive thinking, and goal–setting, it’s easy to lose one of the most foundational keys to a thriving life: knowing who God says you are. There are a million things trying to disconnect you from hearing God’s voice, yet your heart knows there never needs to be any gaps between your everyday life and living as the amazing person God sees. I pray this devotional encourages you to fill in the gaps with God, and equips you to live as He intends—a truly new person in Christ, growing and thriving in every area of your life, and empowering others for theirs. God’s love for you is redemptively transforming, supernaturally powerful, and joyfully purposeful. It’s time to live that way.

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