Dalle Craft Viviparous Fishes Acrylic Incubator Breeding Tank Hanging-in Aquarium Hatch Box with Bio-sponge Filter – Designed for Guppy , Betta ,Clown Fish, Dwarf Seahorse

Product Features

  • Size: 10.23 x 5 x 7.2 inches , Material: Acrylic
  • By using the theory of the water cycle, the newborn fish will be delivered directly to the isolated area. prevents adult fish attack so as to improve the survival rate of juvenile fish.
  • Built-in bio-sponge filter can better protect the water quality of the incubation box and bio-sponge can create harmless microbes, which temporarily provide the foods for the fish.
  • Can be used as the spawning box for the viviparous fishes or dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus).
  • Before use it, please wet the sponge filter. The item is split, you may assemble it by rubber loops.
(as of 04/12/2021 12:59 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Attention : make sure to peel off protective film on both sides of each piece before assembled.

Many friends may have experienced that, when you come back home from work, found that pregnant fish has gave birth to a little fish but only a few small fish stayed in the cylinder. Some even not one left. The situation is, either the water drained the fish or they were being the other fish snacks. Some non-maternal fish attacked the babies even just gave birth to.
Using incubation box can get out of these troubles. As long as placing the expectant mother fish into producing areas of incubation boxes, when you comes back from work, will can see all the fish species in the isolated zone.
New concept of fish production; water delivery cycle; improve the fish survival rate above 90%.
Can be used as viviparous fish, such as density, guppy, fish spawning box; Can prevent fish attack, improve circulation of water and the fish survival rate above 90%.
Provide aggressive fish, injured fish, small fish, shrimp, clown fish and other sea species isolation.
A box of multi-purpose, taking a middle clapboard, can use as a separated box.
Built-in bio-sponge filter, can provide with small ecological circulation and clean water.
Microorganisms on water goblins biochemical cotton, can temporarily provide the food for young fish.

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