cOkO New 10-Inch Aquarium Fish Net Nylon Supplies Cleaner (Green)

Product Features

  • 🐠 Safe for all aquarium fish and designed with fine and soft mesh that is safe for small and fragile fish
  • 🐠 Perfect for cleaning the tank from debris and excess flakes and pebbles
  • 🐠 Comes in many sizes for convenience and portability
  • 🐠 Various Sizes & Color to choose. Easy to hold and lightweight
  • 🐠 Keeps even the smallest debris from falling through
New Price: $13.99
Old Price: $13.99
(as of 04/12/2021 04:43 UTC - Details)

Product Description

※ Wholesale High Quality Fishnet for aquarium catching fish 🐠🐠🐠


1. Use for Aquarium catching small shrimp and fish, for business.
2. Handmade nets, for child playing, for fun.
3. Fish tank, for cleaning the floating fish waste, for healthy.
4. Others, in some chicken farms, for picking eggs.


1.Three lines, wire hardness is high, so it will hardly bend after long time using.
2.The net is cube designed which is harmless to fish, more convenient and safer.
3. It is nice and practical, many kinds of colors are available.
4.You can choose different sizes of fishnet depending upon the aquarium size; what is more, we have longer handle ones, which can protect your fingers from water in cold winter.


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