Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats | Timed, Programmable Cat and Kitten Food Dispenser for Dry Kibble Portion Control | Set Up to 4 Meals, Voice Recording, Battery and Plug-in Power, 1.58 Gallon Capacity

Product Features

  • ✮ FIND MORE FREEDOM AND EXTRA TIME: Make your life easier by "outsourcing" your cat's meal times. Set the feeder once and you finally have the freedom to stay out a bit later, take a weekend trip, or simply NOT be woken up by a hungry kitty at 4 AM.
  • ✮ A BETTER, HEALTHIER LIFE FOR YOUR CAT: Your cat loves routine, and hates having to wait on you for meal time. Give the gift of predictability and healthy, by setting the feeder to give out the perfect amount of food for your kitty's ideal bodyweight.
  • ✮ SET IT AND FORGET IT...NO HASSLE: With more than 1.5 gallons (6L) of capacity, all you need to do is set meal times, fill it up, and sit back while the machine does all the work. Just refill when it's running low. Plus, it's easy to program, and our customer support is always here to guide you through it if you have any issues!
  • ✮ LOVE YOUR KITTY EVEN BETTER: The thought of your kitty at home alone, hungry and crying, is heartbreaking! But what if you're at an event, or some friends are in town and you went out to dinner? With scheduled meal times (and voice recording!), your cat will absolutely KNOW you love her, even when you're not around.
  • ✮ NO ANNOYING REPROGRAMMING: Most other feeders have battery power, or plug-in power...not both. So if your power goes out, or the batteries die, you have to reprogram the other brands' feeders. We give you both battery AND plug-in power, which means that if one of them isn't working (power cut or dead batteries), you don't need to remember what settings you had and reprogram everything. You've got better things to do!
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Product Description


To go out in the evenings…

To take a weekend trip…

To not get woken up with cat feet on your face at 4 AM…

Here at Anthem Pet Products, we’re all about giving you more freedom to love your life AND love your cat better.

Sounds impossible, I know. How can you reduce stress in your busy life and give your furry friend more love at the same time?

The answer, fellow cat lover, is our automatic cat feeder.

Peace Of Mind For You, Healthy Feeding Schedule For Your Kitty

You’re busy enough as it is, and let’s face it – having to feed your cat at all hours of the day, even when it’s not convenient for you can get in the way of living life.

Yet you make that sacrifice, every day, because you love that furry face.

But what if you could simply set the feeding schedule once, and then have technology take over, to deliver perfectly portioned meals to your cat every day?

You get peace of mind knowing that your kitty is getting the food she needs to stay healthy, and your kitty is loving you for setting him or her up with a predictable feeding schedule that will reduce stress and satisfy hunger.

Easy To Use, Super Customizable Food Dispenser For Maximum Versatility

>> Up To 4 Meals Per Day – You’re in control of the feeding schedule.

>> 39 Different Meal Portion Sizes – Keep Kitty’s weight and health in check by giving exact portions.

>> Easy To Set Up – Set the time. Set the meal. Set the meal time. Done!

>> Dual Power Sources (plug-in and battery) – Set it once, and you’re done. Unlike other models, you don’t need to re-program everything if the power goes out or the batteries die.

>> Voice Recording Playback – Record a message to play every meal time to make sure your cat knows that you still love her, even though a fancy new machine will be feeding her the perfect amount.

>> Amazing, North-American Customer Support – We love cats, too!

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