Atlantis Aquatics 5 in 1 Aquarium Cleaning Tools w/Telescopic Handle – 4 Inch Fish Net Algae Scraper Aquascaping Tool Gravel Cleaner Rake Algae Scrubber (Sponge Brush) – Long Handle Fish Tank Cleaner

Product Features

  • FIVE IN ONE Fish Tank Cleaner w/ Telescopic Handle (21-31.5") - Reach your entire aquarium with one tool! Keep algae under control, create beautiful aquascapes, and get crystal clear tank walls! For use with both freshwater and saltwater tanks. The telescopic model works best with tanks more than 3 feet in height.
  • 4 INCH FISH NET perfect for catching small fish, shrimp, crayfish, snails, aquatic frogs and cleaning debris. This aquarium net will not rip but we happily will send you a free replacement if it happens to do so.
  • GRAVEL CLEANER RAKE works great for shaping aquarium gravel/sand mounds as well as securing aquarium decorations and plants in place. Aquatic plants can't grow without rooting into the ground so use this tool to pad the substrate around them.
  • ALGAE SCRUBBER + ALGAE SCRAPER are used to clean algae from acrylic and glass fish tanks, respectively. Algae scrubber is best for scrubbing off light debris where the algae scraper is better for the thick pink and green algae that's more difficult to remove. The algae scrubber is able to rotate 360 degrees so you can position it to clean every corner of your fish tank!
  • AQUASCAPING FORK to firmly plant live aquatic plants in freshwater tanks and create amazing aquascapes! Use this tool in saltwater tanks to position frags or feed silverside fish to coral. It is best to use an aquascaping tool rather than your hands so aquatic plants can be planted deep beneath the substrate.
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Product Description

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If missing any parts or have any problems at all, please contact us and we’ll get you taken care of ASAP.

STORAGE: The Fish Net is able to hold the four other attachments and the two poles detach to go into the box.

AQUASCAPING FORK: is one of the most valuable tools in the set. We recommend putting the fork over the roots of the plant and then doing a corkscrew motion into the gravel until the roots are all covered. Remove by moving the backside of the fork away from the plant. [Example in product video]

ALGAE SCRUBBER: can be rotated 360 degrees to reach every corner of the aquarium. Feel free to press firmly without worry of scratching walls. Also great for cleaning walls from any dirt/debris.

ALGAE SCRAPER (WARNING): Works great on glass tank walls, be cautious with acrylic tanks as it can possibly scratch if you push too hard.

FISH NET: 4″ in width, this net can catch small fish, shrimp, crayfish, snails, and small aquarium frogs.

This product is best suited for aquariums that are over 1.5 feet tall. In general, tanks between 30 – 85 gallons will be a perfect match for it.

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