AQUANEAT Aquarium LED Light 24 to 36 Inch 0.5W 48 LEDS White and Blue

Product Features

  • Totally 48 LEDs! Lumen :2880
  • 42x 10000K cool white, 6x 460nm Actinic Blue
  • Super energy efficient 0.50 watt LEDs
  • Suitable Tank Length:24"-36"
  • DIMENSION of the Light: 22.48"x3.548"x0.5"
(as of 04/11/2021 06:11 UTC - Details)

Product Description

This LED fixture provides a high quality, energy efficient light fixture. Use bright full mode white/blue LED during the day and lunar blue LED during the night. Long lasting LEDs with no bulb replacement required. FEATURE: • Make your aquarium looks cool with 10000K cool white light LED • Super slim housing with black finish • Day Mode (both white and actinic LEDs on) and Night Mode (only Actinic LEDs on) • Longer extendable bracket to fit on wide range of aquarium size • Splash guard • AC110-240V AC adapter • Recommended for both freshwater and saltwater tank SPECIFICATION: • Includes 48 LEDs • 42x 10000K cool white • 6x 460nm Actinic Blue • Lumen :2880 • Super energy efficient 0.50 watt LEDs • Extendable bracket – 24″-36″ max extend • Splash guard • AC110-240V AC adapter DIMENSION of the Light: 22.48″x3.548″x0.5″ INCLUDES: 1 piece of LED light 1 power adaptor

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