Aqua Culture Deluxe Aquarium 20/29 Gallons Stand with Moisture Resistant Powder Coated Top Base and Door

Product Features

  • Accommodates most 20/29-gallon aquariums
  • Concealed storage located behind hinged door
  • Moisture-resistant powder-coated top, base, and door
  • Easy to assemble with reversible panels that let you choose either a cherry or black color.
(as of 04/12/2021 02:34 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Easy to assemble with reversible panels that let you choose either a cherry or black color Accommodates most 20/29 gallon aquariums, Reversible panels let you choose From two different colors, Easy To assemble, Concealed storage located behind hinged door, Moisture-resistant powder-coated top, base And door Warning Text: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A TOY. NEVER allow small children to touch, climb, on or play with the aquarium or the aquarium stand. Serious injury or death could result. Use only an aquarium stand designed to support the weight and size of your aquarium. The filled weight of an aquarium is approximately 10 to 12 pounds per gallon. This stand is designed only for use on level surfaces. Failure to place your stand on a level surface could cause the aquarium to leak, crack, or even tip or fall. Never tip the stand from it’s upright position. Always position the stand in the desired location before putting aquarium tank in place. Never attempt to move the stand with the aquarium in place. Never remove an aquarium tank from the stand unless the aquarium tank is completely empty. Never carry the stand by it’s top. Assemble furniture on the carton or carpet to protect the finish. Clean furniture with a soft cotton cloth moistened with water. DO NOT use abrasives. DO NOT leave water on any of the stand’s surfaces. Always wipe spilled water from the stand. Water, for prolonged periods, could damage the stands surface.

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